Healthy Ireland – Green Ribbon 2019 Showcase Event

We had a great day last Tuesday 14th May.  We drove to Swords to the “Estuary Hub” for the Healthy Ireland Showcase.  Ronan, Marisa, Simon, Jason, Marion and Dave Wood all went from Cairdeas.  There were displays from nineteen EVE services including clubhouses there and everyone mingled around and we all chatted to one another.

Ronan from Cairdeas and Elizabeth from New Horizon hub introduced the day. Each centre had a table showing all our efforts to support members be healthy and well and to inspire other centres to do the same.  Cairdeas had a large display with laminated photos and text  on our table about Tai Chi, Mindfulness, healthy menus and walks and exercise.  We also had a bowl of “Protein Balls” for people to eat.

Then there were 9 talks on all areas of healthy Ireland.  In our room there were three talks. One about smoking cessation; One about the benefits of boating on the Liffey; And the third one was by ourselves.  It was on the theme of “Sexual Health” from an LGBTi perspective.  In it Marisa introduced herself and what it means to be transgender.  Ronan and Simon talked about the work Trans Greystones and have Cairdeas have done together and encouraged other services to do the same.  We talked about “Trans Greystones” and the “Evolution Revolution” exhibition we had in January, and also about our forthcoming documentary film.  The crowd were very interested and welcoming and there was a very loud enthusiastic applause at the end of it.

We then had a very nice, well-earned lunch. Before lunch a Pipe Band performed some tunes for our delectation. Following this Margaret the general manager of EVE and David Wood from Cairdeas introduced the new EVE Healthy Ireland action plan.

To top off the whole day, there was even a “Line Dancing” event.  A good crowd got up to dance and it was very lively.  Some people were too shy to dance though!  All in all a great day was had by all.

By Marisa and Ronan


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