Trip to Tai Chi Centre Little Flower Hall

On tuesday 14th May 2019, a group of us from Cairdeas including James, Jimmy, Helen, Caroline, Mary Anne, Philip, went along in the morning time to the Little Flower Hall in Bray to do a session of Tai Chi with Marijke. This is part of our Healthy Ireland programme in the clubhouse.

The session was very good.  We learned some new moves.  We walked from Cairdeas Clubhouse as another group was out at an event in Swords and needed the vehicle. The weather was lovely and sunny for an early summers day in May and we walked back after the session was over.

Tai Chi is relaxing for both the mind and the body.  Its coordinated movements is very good for refreshing the soul as well.  The session lasted an hour and was very relaxing.  The movements we learned were good for our co ordination.  Tai Chi is also good for the mind. It helps relieve stress.  Which is very helpfull when living in a busy city. The session lasts for an hour.

by James C

tai chi 160519



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