Cairdeas are Quiz champions!

On the 30th of April Cairdeas Clubhouse Bray attended a Table Quiz in Saol Clubhouse. Joe, Ronan, Marion, David W, Tad, James C and Dermot all came along for the fun.On the way up Marion and Ronan asked quiz questions to the rest of us to get us in the right frame of mind.

This was organised by the EVE Socials committee ‘EVE Connect’ and is one of many upcoming events including a walk in the Phoenix park, EVE Football tournament and a Cinema day.  Other EVE centres, clubhouses, hubs and VT service can meet up and hold joint events and socials. It’s a great idea and we wanted to support it.

On our arrival Saol were kindly enough to provide us with hot beverages and fruit, the people began to arrive rapidly with numerous members and staff from all the EVE centres in Ireland. Since there were seven of us we split into two teams, with a member from another service joining Team Tree to even the out the numbers.

Within no time the Quiz was under way and everyone was fully focused. Each round was a different topic which included Irish History, Literature, Mental Health, Music, Movies, Sport and General Knowledge. Quizmaster Peter did a great job asking the questions and keeping us all in line! At half time we had lovely finger food which kept our spirits up!

Each individual member brought their own knowledge to the quiz and made a contribution, throughout the entire Quiz. Eventually it was time for the final announcement, at this stage everyone’s heart was banging like a drum with the thought in their minds who would be the winner.

To our surprise they called out the team name ‘The Exceptionals’, one of the Cairdeas teams are the winners!! Faster than a speeding bullet Ronan said to me ‘go up Joe and collect our Trophy’. Without further delay Marion and Tad were by my side holding our shiny new prize ready for the photographer to take our picture.

One by one the other members from our Clubhouse came up and joined in with the celebration, the journey back to Bray was without a doubt an exceptional half an hour because we all had plenty to talk about which seemed to mostly turn into laughter.

Many thanks to the EVE Connect team and particularly Saol Clubhouse members and staff for all their efforts on the evening.

Joe and Marion


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