Grow Community Ed – Mindfulness

On Monday 1st April Izabela from the organisation Grow held a community education workshop Clubhouse Members on the importance of Mindfulness in our everyday lives. Cairdeas had extended an invitation to the community services to attend as well and we had staff and members from Bray lakers, rehabcare and Lincara with us as well.

Izabel started by explaining how important it is to incorporate mindfulness in your everyday life. She then gave out paper and pens and asked us to write down in one word how they were feeling. This we did then folded our paper and put it on the table in front of us.

Shethen explained about stress and how it affects the body and mind. She played a video which was very interesting. After that we did a Body Scan Mindfulness whereby we concentrated on various parts of our body, becoming aware of those parts that were stressful, and gradually relaxing those parts bit by bit. Then Izabel asked us to take the paper and again write how we were feeling after the body scan.

She finished the session by handing out some questionnaires which we all filled out and Isabella collected the questionnaires and papers before she left. It turned out to be a very enjoyable and informative morning!

There will be two further GROW sessions here in the coming weeks and we are all looking forward to them!

  • Building Resilience 11-1 Monday 29th APril
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety Monday 20th May also11-1pm

M Kelly.


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