Jobseekers’ Workshop

At our latest Jobseekers’ Workshop  we discussed ways in which we can give a good interview. We started by asking some questions:

Question 1: What makes a good CV?

  • Be able to recognize your own strengths
  • CV shouldn’t be more than 2 pages.
  • It should be typed not written.
  • Have your past jobs in the correct order of what year you were employed by that particular company.


Question 2. What are the big mistakes on a CV?

  • Make sure the writing is clear and can be read easily.
  • Leaving out your important personal information.
  • Don’t wait until the closing date to hand in your CV.


Question 3. Do cover letters matter?

  • Yes, they are very important.
  • They introduce the applicant to the company.
  • Give the company feedback on your own qualities.


Question 4. How can you prepare for an interview?

  • Get to know the company that you are applying to.
  • Have a list of questions written down that you would like to ask the interviewer.
  • Dress appropriately.


We found the workshop very informative and interesting. Some members were keen on voluntary work and felt more confident in approaching the relevant centers.  Some members decided to do a CV as it would be good practice for the future.


Joe & Marion


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