First Fortnight – Science Exhibition

On the 15th of January 2019 a group of us from Cairdeas including Marion, Fiona, James, David, Joanna, and Martina went along to a First Fortnight event called ‘Warpaint’ in the science gallery in Trinity College Dublin .

dsc03189 - copy

After arriving in the gallery we proceeded from ground floor up to the first floor, on the first floor there was an exhibition about the laws of attraction between human beings. We proceeded into a museum about the science of love as demonstrated by various technological gadgets.


They had various different things to interact with. The theme they had was intimacy. They had an interactive virtually reality simulation of a women who would talk and you got asked question and answered by using the virtual remote. It was very educational and a good exercise in the future of robotics.


They also had various other interactive questions and plenty about personal space. Personal space was interesting as it tied in with part of are boundary stuff. There was a computer with a box for grieveance, there was also a computer with pictures of a middle eastern man who had lost his brother with various photos of his student life.


There was also love money, which could be bought with various symbols of friendship advertised on the money.

Warpaint itself was an exhibition of colourful energetic and emotive paintings which celebrates the coming together of an inspirational group of people telling stories of struggles with mental health. First Fortnight is a charity which holds events every January to challenge mental health prejudice through arts and cultural action.

dsc03196 - copy

It was very interesting. Some of the members went for coffee after.  The outing was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us who went there and thought provoking.


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