Quiz Night in Cairdeas

On Tuesday 13th of November 2018, a big group of us at Cairdeas including James, John B, Diarmaid, Keith, Noreen, Reece, Pauline, Sean, Caroline, Fiona, Patricia, Marion, attended the Cairdeas Clubhouse Inhouse Social Quiz, the quiz was hosted by Ronan and the questions were written by Joe.

The quiz consisted of 3 rounds, Round 1 art and culture, Round 2 sport, Round 3 music trivia.  The quiz consisted of 10 questions in round 1, 10 questions in round 2, and 20 questions in round 3.

The quiz was contested by 2 teams, the A team and the Dynamic Team.  The Dynamic Team won round 1, but the A team prevailed overall after 3 intense rounds.

After the quiz we all ate some lovely toasted andwiches and popcorn that had been provided by the kitchen.  After our lovely meal together we watched an old episode of Fawlty Towers on Netflix which was a great laugh and was thoroughly enjoyed.



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