Tuiscint Art Exhibition


On the 8th of November a small group of members from Cairdeas Clubhouse went to Ballyfermot to see an Art exhibition following an invite from Tuisicin Hub which is based in Inchicore, the members were myself [Joe], James, Aileen, John Baker and Reece, we were accompanied by staff member Laura.

While we were making our journey to get there Laura had the Sat nav on in our people carrier because we weren’t positive on how to get there. We ended up on a wild Goose chase to find the place, asking pedestrians along the way did they know the right directions to get to the Art Exhibition. We passed Tesco’s supermarket twice before realising the Exhibition was actually at the back of the store but anyway third time was a charm, laughing all the way.

By the time we walked through the doors it was 11:20am, it took us all by surprise as the room was filled with multiple colours from every single picture and I noticed especially that every single image was different but yet extremely interesting. Throughout our time there we all really enjoyed it as there was also refreshments provided. Well done Tuiscin for the Art Exhibition.

By Joe Lee.


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