Road Safety Authority Talk & ‘ Rollover’ Demo

On Monday 9th of July we hosted the RSA for a safety talk and Seatbelt safety demonstration.

We invited other clubhouses, Sunbeam services, Festina Lente, Rehab Care and all our local business and neighbours in the Solus Tower Industrial Estate.

The safety talk was done by Orla from the RSA. She highlighted various vulnerable road users and also showed some videos on the dangers of crossing the road, talking on mobile phones, drug and drink driving and cycle and pedestrian safety.

The next part was the RSA seat-belt safety demo. If you wanted to you could get into the simulator car and experience what it’s like for a car to roll over on to its roof. This highlighted the importance of correctly adjusting the seat-belt when you put it on. The instructors outside gave safety instructions before the car started to roll slowly.

Everyone enjoyed the event and we provided tea & coffee and scones for our guests to enjoy. Many thanks to Orlaith and the team from RSA for a great event!





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