Healthy Ireland Working Group

Yesterday Declan, Emmet and Martina visited EVE headquarters to participate in the Healthy Ireland Working Group. This was attended by Margaret Webb, managers, staff and service users. This was the second such meeting.


It was mentioned that Google forms would be used to gather information from centres.

We split into three groups of five to brainstorm ideas for initiatives for 20 minutes for each topic. These were:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Smoking Cessation

We had a tea & coffee break with some nice fresh fruit (tying in with Healthy Ireland) in the middle of these sessions.

Feedback for these sessions was positive with some good ideas generated.

Next steps were discussed, namely a survey being carried out and a report.

A Healthy Ireland “Sharing Event” is planned to take place later in the year.

Topics for next meeting will be:

Alcohol Policy

Mental Health

Positive Ageing

Next meeting will be on 23rd of April. We look forward to it!

– Emmet



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