Garden visit

Last Tuesday a few of the members,  with Martina took the people carrier up to the garden. It was a cold but sunny day after all the snow, and  we were excited to see what the garden would look like after the bad weather. We got out of the people carrier  and making  our way to the back of the big house  we reached the  plot of land. What a pleasant surprise to see that the garden was in relatively good condition. The Cabbage, Garlic, and Rhubarb were standing tall in the Spring sunlight.Next we unlocked the polytunnel and stepping  inside  To  greet us were rows of sturdy kale and lots of strawberry plants. What a sight to behold! Deciding that it would be a good idea to water the strawberries,we fetched two watering cans, filled them both at the outside tap, returned to the polytunnel and gave them a good watering. Delighted with the garden and polytunnel we left  and returned to the Clubhouse.

Marion K.



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