Au revoir Cyrille!!

On Friday the 27th of November we here in Cairdeas Clubhouse had a fantastic, but bittersweet day. It was all to mark Cyrille, our amazing French Chef’s leaving party. He has been a rock for the last year or so and his food has kept us healthy and happy. While it is sad that he is leaving we are getting a new staff member, Laura, so we are all very grateful for that.

The day’s fun and games started with a quiz that Ronan designed. Two teams battled it out for the honour of being the smartest members in the club. There were many fun rounds, on included the French round where unsurprisingly Cyrille did extremely well.

The party truly kicked off then at around half twelve when we had gorgeous homemade pizzas and lovely wraps with corned beef inside. Also many thanks to Mary, Martina and Laura who cooked up a storm.

We then had the speeches and it must be said that Heidi’s speech was both moving and heartfelt and went down a treat with both the members and the staff including Cyrille. It included member’s thoughts about Cyrille, Tommy said Cyrille was the main man, Pat Slater said it was a privilege to have known him and Liam said he was a lovely tempered chef which is unusual in that profession. It also included a lovely poem so thanks to Heidi for that. Marion then read out her famous poem, ‘Clubhouse’ and gave a laminated version to Cyrille which he clearly was grateful for.  The man himself then said a few words. He was obviously touched by all the fuss and his words went down very well.

All in all it was a great day and marked Cyrilles leaving Cairdeas in a lovely way. We will all miss the food but more importantly the man behind the food. We wish him all the very best in his future endeavors.

Diarmaid and Heidi



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