Tuesday  was MENTAL HEALTH DAY 10TH October, and we in Cairdeas had been planning for a long time to launch our booklet about mental health and recovery and creative writing and a healthy body healthy mind. Members wrote poems and articles and stories for the booklet. We also made art work and took pictures of events that are going on in the clubhouse


Visitors started coming in after half eleven, eventually the room was full as you can see from the pictures. Most people had tea or coffee,  and the catering unit had made lovely mini quiches, sambos, chicken wings.

All were happy with the food, it was a fun atmosphere and we gave  tours of the clubhouse. We had friends and family from the members.  Also Festina Lente centre joined us, Leah from Wicklow volunteers, Siobhan from Lincara and other people from the community.

Then Ronan, our manager and Declan, a member, said a few words along with Maureen our creative writing and art instructor who helped us a lot.  We gave out a copy of the booklet to everyone. We also put it up on the large screen ,smart board, for all to see. Cairdeas members that put stories in booklet started reading Dave, Simon, me Tony, Mary Ann, Marion and others.

At the end of the event we asked people to put their positive messages on our recovery tree in reception.  We had a really good day and I was proud to read my poems. It was a lovely sunny day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Please click here for a copy of the booklet. If you want a paper copy give Cairdeas a ring 01 2827951.

Tony C and Ronan


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