Eve Quarterly Review Meeting at Cairdeas.

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On October 12th Cairdeas welcomed Eve Management Team: Margaret Webb, Jackie Ryan, Fiona Osborne and Tom O’Brien for Cairdeas ‘Quarterly Review’. As it is the 3rd quarter, that means their visit to the clubhouse!

Conducting ‘Quarterly Reviews’  is a practice that helps ‘Eve Services’:

  • Understand the current state of their services in their community
  • See our progress in relation to our 2017 Service plan
  • Meet members and staff and see the clubhouse
  • Help identify and prioritise the best goals/initiatives for the following quarter

Cairdeas has been busy with many  programmes in ‘Education’ like ‘Feet On the Street (‘“Cairdeas” Feet On The Street Engagement)  and informative visits from Bray Adult Education Network (Bray Adult Education Network at Cairdeas ) and much more.

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Cairdeas was delighted to meet with EVE and discuss our current state, issues, opportunities, and priorities going forward. After the meeting the team traveled to Cairdeas ‘Garden Allotment’ and were greeted by Staff and Members who gave a tour of the progression of our ‘Ellerslie’ allotment in progress.

Many thanks to EVE!! 



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