Bray Adult Education Network at Cairdeas

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Today Cairdeas hosted the Bray Adult Education Network meeting which represented : Bray Area Partnership, National Learning Network, ETBI, KWETB, Services, St. Philomena’s School and St. Peters Bray.

Image result for Adult education picturesHaving a ‘Network’ is important in the community. It binds important events together keeping everybody informed about upcoming events in ‘Education’ and ‘Programs’. There was a discussion on:

All in all an extremely informative and effective meeting between organisations. Many events are taking place over the next few months. Niamh from KWETB is now chairperson for the next year, with Ronan (Cairdeas Manager) to be Deputy Chair Person.

Adult Educators very often speak of their vision of a learning society as one
where learning plays its full role whether it be in promoting personal growth, in
fostering prosperity, or in promoting solidarity at a local level and within the ‘Mental Health Sector’. An understanding and commitment to a better world is also increasingly becoming part of the discourse which includes the need to respond to economic, social, and environmental challenges both locally and globally.
The recent publication of AONTAS ‘Community Education: more than just a
course’  has once again highlighted the need to acknowledge the wider
benefits of learning. These could include personal, social, civic development as
well as health outcomes. The report also demonstrates how investment in education
can contribute to democracy, equality, and well-being. These are factors which Cairdeas Clubhouse thrives Upon.

For more information on Cairdeas, please click the link below:

About cairdeas

Many thanks to all who attended and Chef Cyrille for the refreshments at Cairdeas.

Heidi Love

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