Skerries Mills Day Trip


Our Trip to Skerries Windmill

Most of us met in Bray Dart Station and myself in Pierce . There were ten of us and the weather was quite nice. It took less than an hour to get to Skerries and were feeling a bit hungry. We had a pack lunch in which Mary our facilitator prepared for us.

We paid €6.50 in to the windmill and that included a tour and history of the whole place. We all found the tour very interesting and the time went very fast and it went on for over an hour.

The windmills were bigger than I thought and each one was in operational. Life was hard back in the old days as the workers had to lift bags of flower over 20 stone in weight.

We all had a cup of tea after and reflected on the tour.

We made our way back to the station and made it before the rain. We got a direct train to Bray and Blackrock were I got off.

Yes a very nice day and I would recommend it to everyone.

Declan Kavanagh


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