Exploring Creativity at Cairdeas


Exploring creative projects involving ‘art’ offers a space where meanings can be generated, different roles can be explored safely, confidence can be encouraged and self acceptance nurtured. These are the essential ingredients of recovery which we thrive for at Cairdeas Clubhouse.


Creative Exploration can involve ‘artistic’ questions of expression, confidence and authenticity. It also enhances a distinct sensibility to work and material as seen during our unique session. Our Creative circle in Cairdeas brings an energy, way of working and style of engagement that many members find refreshing and positive.


On July 5th Cairdeas welcomed ‘Emma’ a trainee ‘Art Tutor’ on work experience. It was a hugely imaginative and delightful experience. She offered a blend of innovative materials including acrylic paint, watercolors, textiles and sculpture supplies. As members were allowed to choose different mediums to engage in and while doing this much imaginativeness and ingenuity aspired. Many used their painting talents, while others created ‘Masks’ of personality and originality. 

Created by Keith


Created by Simon

“It was a terrific experience with Emma. I was able to event and dream up a piece of ‘Art’ that involved my own personal vision of ‘creativity’. While playing with textures and simply touching the materials it brought about a sense of calm and playfulness. There are no rules in creative artistic expression. Every personal stroke became extraordinary and within an hour I felt like I produced something intimate and special. It brought about a togetherness within the group  which I believe was therapeutic and transformational”. A delightful experience.  (Heidi) 

19679912_1630960003631586_59341708_n.jpgCreated By Heidi

Created By Anna

Research has shown over the years that creative exploration in the arts may be one way of promoting social networks in conjunction with improving psychological and physical well-being. Cairdeas bases itself on this model of approach.  Within our ‘model’ we seek to encourage creativity, how to recognize and nurture it in our well-being. There is tremendous research going on about the genetics of creativity, the fostering of creativity, its association with mental health and intelligence, and whether people are creative in just one domain or if creativity is generalized across domains. 

May thanks to Emma who will continue her work at Cairdeas for 6 weeks. 


Created By Amy

Created by Pauline

Cairdeas also facilitates a ‘Creative Writing’ group which is hugely popular.

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Cairdeas also uses ‘gardening’ as a medium of therapuetic activity.

Please read: We take a good care of our garden

By Heidi


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