Green Ribbon Coffee Morning at Cairdeas!

2017-05-26 11.05.53

Friday May 26th saw an abundance of energy at Cairdeas Clubhouse Green Ribbon Coffee Morning’ inviting Service Users, Family, Friends and Supporters during this special May ‘Green Ribbon Season’! Cairdeas was full of entertainment, festivities and a special banquet with a ‘green’ touch.

2017-05-26 11.51.44

Visitors began to arrive from 11.30am and were greeted by members and staff, gathering in the snack bar where Cyrille had prepared a bucket of treats including sandwiches, chicken wings and mini quiches. Desert included a Carrot Cake and  Green Zebra Cake each made uniquely. The tables were decorated with beautiful floral arrangements created by the gifted Tony and the Clubhouse was carefully decorated by our ‘Art Group’.


Excitement hit as Declan opened the event followed by a few words from Ronan, Cairdeas Manager, to highlight the importance of ‘Green Ribbon and welcoming all guests. ‘The Creative Writing Group’ including, Garrett, Tony, Eoin, Marion and Heidi shared their personal stories and poetry throughout the day which all ended in applause from the visitors. Some words on ‘Recovery’ included a poem from Tony who heartily recited:

2017-05-26 10.51.12

The scent of a Rose, From Darkness into Light, From dawn till dusk, People walking into light, Brightness lifts the spirit, Walking by the sea shore…….

After lunch each Guest was invited to write words of encouragement as ‘personal positive empowerment messages’ on coloured cards. Every message was then uniquely tied to the Cairdeas Affirmation Tree’ and another on each ‘Green Recovery Balloon’.

At the ceremony closing the balloons were released into the beautiful day that aspired. Further celebrations exploded with a delicious birthday cake for Liam, a long-term Clubhouse Member.

2017-05-26 12.11.43

It was an imaginative and fanciful day at Cairdeas with happy faces and smiles from everyone involved. There were a lot of laughs at this carefully planned day which was in full ‘Green’ steam!

2017-05-26 10.37.50

Many thanks to all who attended and the hard work from Cairdeas Clubhouse to bring this ‘Green Ribbon‘ Event to the fore!!!

2017-05-26 12.06.38

 Other Green Ribbon events included: ‘Tesco Express’ and ‘‘The Flash Mob’ which were a huge success.

Heidi E. Love


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