Still time to enrol!


On Friday 27th January,I began a computer course in Little Bray resource Centre. It is a ten- week course and costs €20.00 that covers tea/coffee and biscuits.We began at 10am. Our teachers name is Valerie.She started the lesson by showing us how to get into the internet,she showed us how to use a memory stick and explained it is a vital tool for saving and storing our work.Then we had a 20min.tea break,in which we all are chatting and getting to know one another.

After the tea break we went back to the computer room,where Valerie allowed us to do some practice on the computer.She said that if we needed help to call her.Each of us did something different, I tried to upload some family photos but was not too successful!As it was coming near the end of the lesson Valerie said that she  would show me how to do it next week,and that I could save my photos on the USB as well.

I left the Centre very happy with the class and with what i had learned.I arrived at Cairdeas Clubhouse where there was a delicious hot nutritious meal waiting for me,courtesy of Cyrrille,our French Chef!

Looking forward to next week,and to Valerie,and  my new computer class!



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