M. Kelly: The clubhouse


The clubhouse is a Haven for all

From the weakest to those who are strong

Full of friends and those who don’t judge you

The members I love one and all.


From the moment it opens its doors

From 8.30 through until 4

It is alive and buzzing

With computers humming

And the smell of good food down the hall.


Our chef is from France oo,la!la!

He is a master at doing his job

He creates every day the most beautiful array

Of breakfasts, scones, and lunch


Now who wouldn’t be tempted by that

A Masterchef trained in the art

Of providing good food

Which we gratefully chew

And which keeps us all healthy taboot


The staff always ready to help

Be it office, reception or something else

They have infinite patience

And can answer all questions

and are there for those who need help.


So whatever you are thinking of joining

Consider Cairdeas Clubhouse as well

You’ll meet kindest spirits from all walks of life

It’s a haven, a place to go

Away from the troubles of life.




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