Our Social Outing Feb 9th 2016

Our Social Outing Feb 9th 2016

Today  we went to the Bray bowling alley and  then  afterwards to a lovely Italian restaurant called Avinos restaurant for a lovely pizza and either a glass of wine for ten euros which was excellent value for money as the pizzas were real Italian pizzas and they were 12 inch pizzas. Also there was a lot of variety ranging from an ordinary cheese pizza to a pepperoni and others like a fried egg pizza and veggie pizza etc.

First of all however was the bowling. There were twelve of us who went bowling and it was a great bit of fun, on my team there was Dave Shirley, Wayne, Tommy, Ian and myself. On Marks team were Dave Fitzgerald, Liam, Theresa, Declan, Jack and Mark. We played twenty balls each, i.e. ten rounds and we used two lanes for the two teams. Mark easily won his section as he is a top bowler. Everyone on the two teams watched Marks technique, trying to work out his technique as he got about five or six strikes, i.e. where a person knocks all the skittles down in one attempt.

On my lane Dave Shirley stormed into the lead for a while only to be caught by Wayne after a few rounds and then suddenly Eoin produced a few great shots and he went into the lead. I was so over eager to get off to a good start that I made a mess of a few shots by throwing the ball too hard and it two shots missed the skittles altogether. Mark was running away to victory on the first lane and it was a three way tie between Eoin, Wayne and Dave Shirley for the top spot on our lane while Tommy and I were battling it out to avoid coming last. Eventually we drew. On the other lane jack was doing his best to keep up with Mark and he was really doing a great job until Mark produced a couple of amazing strikes and that was that, i.e. Mark won that section by about thirty five points.

Afterwards we all went for a lovely meal in Avinos where everyone had great craic and a lovely meal.


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